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Pro-Ject turntables: High-value turntables starting at under $300. The Debut Carbon is a best Buy everywhere at $449.00 while the 1Xpression Carbon Classic is a best buy with excellet carbon fiber tonearm and Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge in 4 beautiful finishes. The top of the line RM-10.1 received a killer review in Stereophile. It is the $3500 table to beat. Other models available are:

  • Essential III - New entry table with nice tone arm, MDF platter and Ortofon OM10 cartridge - $299
  • Debut Carbon DC, turntable with carbon fiber arm, MDF base and metal platter w/2M Red Ortofon cartridge. Available in black, red, green, blue, yellow, silver or white - Now only $399  
  • RPM 1 Carbon In Gloss Black, white or red w/Sumiko Pearl cartridge  $499.00   Opt Dust Cover $99
  • 1Xpression Carbon in dark gray lacquer with Sumiko Pearl cartridge $799
  • 1Xpression Carbon Classic in piano black, mahogany or olive wood w/Ortofon 2m Silver cartridge $999
  • RPM 3 Carbon- Round table w/Carbon fiber arm in gloss black, red or white w/$450 Sumiko Blue Point #2 $999.
  • 2Xperience SB - Superb value table w/Project 9CC carbon fiber tonearm & $450 Sumiko Blue Point #2 cart. $1599/$1999 w/Blackbird cartridge
  • The Classic-Great reviews on this hi value table in multiple finishes $1099.00
  • The Classic SB upgraded Classic with $450.00 Sumiko Blue Point cartridge, electronic speed control, the Leather It mat and top-grade Clamp It, which enhance stability and reduce noise. $1499.00- Great Value

6Perspex DC, Turntable w/ clear acrylic plinth, sub-chassis system made of Corian® suspended by three height adjustable opposing magnet fields. Also a bonded MDF platter with vinyl mat, a threaded record clamp, adjustable cone feet. A new 9" tonearm, the 9cc Evolution, incorporates a conical carbon fiber arm - $1,799/ $1999 with $500 Blue Point Special EVO III cartridge & $99 Connect-iT tonearm cable.

RPM9 Carbon $2499, $2999.00 with $1250.00 Sumiko Blackbird cartridge
TAS Recommended in 2018 Buyers Guide

Xtension 10 in Mahogany lacquer TAS Recommended in 2018 Buyers Guide


  • XTension 9- Affordable state of the art table in 5 lacquer colors. $2499/$2750 w/$450 Bluepoint #2 cart.
  • XTension 10- (Above) New affordable super table with superb $1300 Project 10cc Evolution 10" carbon fiber arm,  12 pound platter, mass loaded floating sub chassis, balanced sandwich platter and electronic speed control. $3499/ $3999 with $1250 Sumiko Blackbird cartridge. Available in piano black, mahogany or olive.
  • Xtension 12- Superb table with $1300.00 12" Project 12cc carbon fiber tonearm. Larger version of the above Xtension 10 $4499/ $4999 with $2500 Sumiko Celebration II cartridge
  • RM-9 Carbon - reference table with conical carbon fiber arm - $2499/ $2999 with $1250 Sumiko Blackbird & Connect-iT tonearm cable , Optional dust cover $129

Pre Box S2 Digital - a performance revolution in a small package! 
Coming in March 2018

The Pre Box S2 offers amazing value. It can be used as a digital preamp or stanbd alone DAC with MQA decoding as well as DSD and PCM to 24.192k for all your Hi rez software. Value is off the scale and performance is superb for the money. Hook up an amp and digital source, like a computer, to a pair of speakers and make a killer affordable system

Pre Box S2 Digital marks a new era for Pro-Jects S-series components, for the very first time They are using a dual mono configuration with the highest class D/A converters of ESS Sabre, their flagship DAC chip, that ensures highest class audio in a small and affordable pack-age. This DAC is capable of high resolution audio up to 32bit 768kHz PCM and DSD512! 

Pre Box S2 Digital is also the very first of our devices to support hardware
MQA unfolding. It’s also the premiere of our proprietary Optimum transient digital filter and our pro-prietary clock circuitry design. Digital audio is the art of time, with the new proprietary clock design we have managed jitter rates of unrivalled 100 Femtoseconds, this easily outperforms many renowned and respected audiophile clock generators! With organic polymer capacitors and thin film mini MELF resistors Pro-Ject was able to create a tiny device that will blow away even much bigger components for a much higher price. With a total of seven digital filters the sound can be shaped precisely to the listeners lik-ing. Pre Box S2 Digital is fully remoteable, it can also control the playback software of a computer. You can use Play, Pause, Forward and Rewind straight with your Pre Box S2 Digital! 

Dual mono construction
• High end ESS Sabre ESS9038 dual DAC
• Proprietary clock circuity design
Organic polymer capacitors and thin film miniMELF resistors
MQA hardware decoding
DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 & DSD512 (DSD over PCM)
Up to 24bit/192kHz for optical & coax inputs
7 selectable digital filter characteristics
• 1 proprietary optimum transient digital filter
Headphone output on the front (6.3mm)
• Synchronization of all internal oscillators
Jitter as low as 100 Femtoseconds!
• Gold plated four layer PCB
• Full alu/metal sandwich casing in silver or black

  • RM-10 carbon - flagship table with Ground-It bass, 10" carbon-fiber tone arm, superb - $3,499/$3999 with $1250 Sumiko Blackbird and Connect-It tonearm cable
  • Tube Box DS - Tube phono stage for MM and MC (60dB) cartridges $699
  • Tube Box S, tube MC/MM phono stage with excellent sonics - $449
  • Phono Box SE -Solid State phono stage for most MM and MC (55dB) cartridges $299
  • Phono Box RS-Exceptional phono stage with front panel controls. Pro-Ject's best $999