Underwood HiFi Inc. is the home of Underwoodwally, a name very familiar to AudiogoN shoppers as the e-mail alias and user name of Walter Liederman. Walter is a 40-year industry veteran who spent 23 years as one of the partners in the 10-store Atlanta-based chain HiFi Buys. He worked as its Corporate Buyer for the home audio and mobile division while being intimately involved in corporate strategy sessions.

When this $100 Million/year operation sold to 'The Tweeter Group', in 1997 Walter worked as a consultant for Infinity speakers and Acoustic Research for 3 years. He also helped fund and became a partner in Perpetual Technologies, a leading player in DSP speaker correction and digital audio technology.

His 40-year tenure in the audio industry then led to home-based side business Underwood Hifi through which Walter marketed overruns, close-outs, B-stock, discontinued products and other specialty audio items that manufacturers didn't want to promote through their established distribution chains. Earning an enviable track record with AudiogoN's savvy audio shoppers (over 2.500 points back then), what had begun as a part-time side line soon developed into a full-time operation mostly selling new high-value high-end products.

Living in an Atlanta suburb, Walter then combined his exploding on-line audio sales venture with a small home-based retail operation to serve the local community by appointment to audition actual components and complete systems. Careful selection of a few chosen brands offering superior price/performance ratios led to such lines as Jolida, Wyred4Sound, Gallo speakers, Music Hall, Modwright, Carver amps, PS Audio, Epos, Quad and Peachtree Audio.

From Perpetual Technologies Walter remembered Dan Wright whom he had helped start ModWright with his original go-ahead for the now famous factory-authorized P-1A/P-3A digital engines mods. He also knew Chris Johnson from the days when Sonic Frontiers merged with Paradigm to slowly phase out its illustrious tube division and concentrate on the more affordable home-theater oriented Anthem brand. Walter had helped Sonic Frontier's president Chris Johnson sell off most the remaining tube inventory.

Now he wondered. Could his own products benefit from selective after-market modifications? Chris and Dan were willing to lend their considerable expertise. Soon exclusive agreements were struck. Walter would submit certain of his products for precisely predetermined upgrades. These products would retain their full original manufacturer's warranties. Walter would market them through his usual consumer-direct channels as fully hot-rodded, brand-new factory-sealed units. They would bear an attractive discount made possible by remaining a tightly-run home-based operation.

In 2010 Walter moved full time to Maui, Hawaii and changed the business to an Internet-only model. Products are still shipped from the Marietta, Georgia warehouse. After becoming a dealer for speaker pioneer Emerald Physics and witnessing their amazing performance and customer satisfaction over 4 years, Walter had the opportunity to buy Emerald Physics in January 2010. He sells it along with many other high-value high-end lines thru Underwood Hifi.