Spatial Computers

Spatial is the brain child of Clayton Shaw who started Emerald Physics as well as Evett and Shaw years earlier. Spatial offers unique solutions to everyday problems and now makes computer audio and room correction devices.

Quantum Cables

 Finally - a major improvement in cable sonics at reasonable cost. SPATIAL introduces an advanced new cable design that simply does less damage to the incoming audio signal than conventional designs. Quantum Field line level and speaker cables open up a whole new level of spatial and temporal information retrieval. Hyperbole and technical descriptions from many cable companies may seem credible, expounding on how different their design may be, but the sonic differences are still relatively minor. Now, get ready for a real difference in performance. For years, we have systematically examined commercial cable products to determine how and why they degrade listening quality. Our research turned up some surprising and innovative solutions for creating a better sounding cable. We are confident that the solutions that we have developed will recalibrate the expectations of audiophiles everywhere. Spatial's Quantum Field cables reduce signal damage to such an extent, that the differences are immediately noticeable and usually profound. The Quantum Field series of cables employ Spatial's Military Design RF & EMI isolation system and advanced resonance damping technology with groundbreaking sonic results.

Interconnect per pair:
1M $500
2M $600
3M $700
WBT Nextgen RCAs add $200 per pair
Speaker per pair:
3M $500
4M $600
Also available in frequency range specific versions for bi-amping and tri-amping: Midrange/Treble and Treble.

VB-1 Velocity Bridge


The Velocity Bridge eliminates high frequency ringing in audio systems. Rising impedance in the ultra sonic region of treble drivers set up reflections that cause ringing. The VB-1's act to counteract the inductive reactance in the driver. Reduced ringing improves playback by reducing glare and hardness. VB-1's at $200.00 a pair are excellent inexpensive way to improve a high end system.

Here is a customer comment: just wanted to give you some follow-up.  I was not expecting much initially when I put on the Velocity Bridge given the advance warning on break-in time.  I was pleasantly surprised when I cranked my system up that the dynamics were noticeably better and the air was more noticeable.  Greater weight and solidity to the music - just more presence and a bit more clarity. 
My speakers are heavily modded Magnepan 1.7's that run an external crossover, a heavily modded Canary 140 wpc tube amp, a heavily modded set of Canary monoblock tube preamps, and an SD card player that was rebuilt and placed in a large, RF shielded chassis.  This system sounds excellent.  With no break-in on the Velocity Bridges it definitely sounds different in a better way.  This is a great little device IMO. 

Mac Mini Isolation platform


The new Isoplane Mac Mini isolation device isolates your Mac Mini to reduce both external system and room as well as internal computer vibrations 

BH 1 Pic

Black Hole

Spatial Computer has developed a new kind of solution to the most basic problem in high-end audio. All audio systems have to deal with low-frequency room resonances. Just put the Black Hole in the rear of your room, plug it in and turn it on. It does the rest. The results in any high-resolution system are amazing.

Your room represents a closed resonant tube from an acoustics perspective. The large peaks and adjacent dips shown above are from interference patterns related to the room’s dimensions. The large aberrations in bass frequency response are the result of acoustic energy reflections from the rear wall interacting with the output of the speaker. If we could remove the rear wall, most of the problem would go away, restoring a response similar to the intrinsic response of the speaker itself. The Spatial Black Hole acoustically removes the rear wall. The Black Hole is an active device that measures incoming acoustic energy at the back of the room and propagates an out-of-phase energy pattern to effectively neutralize the resonant behavior of the room and provide much flatter and more natural bass at the listening position. Low-frequency resonant energy also decays slowly in the room, causing poor bass articulation and undesirable build up. By neutralizing resonant energy, the time domain gets much cleaner, providing crisp detailed bass. One Black Hole can neutralize up to 20dB of dips and peaks for a dramatically more effective solution than common tube traps all in small corner-loaded unit. Transformative improvements can be had in 2-channel audiophile applications as well as subwoofer-equipped home theater systems. The Black Hole is loaded with internal measurement and signal processing hardware. A highly accurate massive 10” woofer delivers the neutralizing punch.

  • Price: $1,295
  • Type: active acoustical resonance damping device with integral signal processing
  • Operating range: 22Hz - 220Hz / power output: 250 Watts RMS
  • Transducer: 10" (300mm) long-throw unit / Dimensions: 13h x 13w x 14d inches
  • Weight: 31lb / Shipping: 39lb

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