REL has been making the best sounding audio subs for many years. Their unique crossover allows for a great match with quality speakers for a seamless sonic blend. Reviews have all been extraordinary. REL allows users to hook up both audio and video products at the same time. Their unique Speak-on connector hooks right to your amp's speaker binding posts for perfect timing with your main speakers. Amazingly REL even makes the midrange on high-quality speaker’s sound better.

Serie T subwoofers

The new REL Serie T subs are a nice upgrade over the older T series. They have better larger amps, upgraded drivers and nicer cabinets. We have amazed customers at shows with the $999 200-watt T7. It makes superb bass and has the dynamics any quality audio system needs. The larger T9’s 10” driver & 300-watt amp adds even more weight for only $200 more. Even the little T5 has received great press and makes a great add-on in smaller spaces.

Shown in white. Also available in black gloss

T-Zero super small sub for small rooms is amazing for the size $499
T5 8” 125 watts $699
T7 8” 200 watts with 10” PR $999
T9 10” 300 watts with 10” PR $1199

Serie S subwoofers

The new Series S replaces the big selling Series R is for larger more expensive speakers and rooms. The new continuous cast alloy drivers are lighter, stiffer and faster. By reducing moving mass, with a balanced approach to design, The REL engineering team was able to produce far more speed than prior designs. The upgraded NextGen 2 power amps produce higher power for even more dynamics, extension and explosive bass. The entry S2 is designed for 2-ch. systems with speed and finesse but has far more output than the older R328.. The larger S3 and S5 take no prisoners. The S3 puts out higher quality bass than the older 528 that was $300 more. And it plays a little louder. The S5 is superb in applications that want big dynamics for both audio and video applications. It makes 3dB more bass with better detail than the older R528 and is only $200 more. This is one great sounding sub that is getting superb reviews worldwide. All 3 S series subs are set to add the optional Longbow wireless transmitter for wireless operation. At only $299.00 the Longbow is less expensive than many subwoofer cables.


S2 $1499 10” active with 10" PR with 250-watt amp
S3 $1999 10” active with 12” PR and 400-watt amp
S5 $2499 12” active with 12” PR and 550-watt amp
• Optional Longbow wireless option for all S Series subs $299

Gibraltar subwoofers

The new G Series is only 2 models but they are REL’s new statement products. G subs offer superb bass from large woofers for the best systems. The G1 mates a 600-watt high-current amp to a 12” ultra long-throw carbon fiber driver. Optional rails allow stacking G1s for those huge rooms where even more bass is required. The G2 is the little brother with a 450-watt amp driving a 10” ultra long-throw carbon fiber woofer.

• G1 $4499 12” cast driver in large box with 600-watt amp
• G2 $3499 10” cast driver in large box with 450-watt amp

Other models include the statements that use REL’s ARM loading technology.
• Studio III $10,999 2 x 10” drivers/large ARM loaded box w/500-watt amp
• Stentor III $6999 1 x 10” HD Volt driver in ARM loaded box w/300 watt-amp.

Call me to discuss all REL subs and the right model for your system. REL’s make audiophiles who never liked subs change their minds.