Quad Electroacoustics

Quad Electroacoustics is one of the oldest audio firms extant and the maker of the famed Quad ESL electrostat, by many considered to be the finest speaker ever made. Quad also makes phenomenal electronics and more conventional speakers. Classic Quad electronics like the early tube amplifiers demand top prices in collector's circles while the Quad "tilt" tone controls are still considered the best ever made. The current crop of products proudly stands on this legacy while incorporating the modern features and styling today's connoisseur demands.

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  • QC-24 tube preamp [$1249/$1,690]
  • Elite preamp-Remote SS preamp w/MM/MC phono ($1399)
  • Elite Stereo amp- 80wpc stereo power amplifier ($1249)
  • Elite Mono amp- 150 watt mono amplifier ($1199/ea.)
  • Elite Integrated- 70wpc stereo integrated amp w/preamp out ($1599)
  • Elite CD-P Remote CD player/preamp with 6 digital inputs and volume ($1899)
  • Elite QSP- 140wpc Current Dumping stereo power amplifier ($1999)
  • Elite QMP- Mono 260 watt Current Dumping power amplifier ($1999/ea.)
  • 11L Classic-  $749/pr in matte and $899/pr in Piano high gloss
  • 12L Classic- $1,199/pr in matte and $1299/pr in Piano high gloss
  • 23L Classic- $2499/pr in matte and $2899/pr in Piano high gloss 
  • 25L Classic- $339/pr in matte and $3999/pr in Piano high gloss
  • Quad II Classic- 25wpc Class A integrated tube amp w/phono stage ($6749)
  • Quad II-40- 40 watt/ch mono tube power amplifiers ($2499/ea.)
  • Quad II Classic- 15 watt mono amps ($1749/ea)
  • Quad Ii-80- 80 watt mono tube amp ($5249/ea.)
  • QC-24P tube MC/MM phono stage designed by Tim DeParavicini ($2,499)
Other models available. Call for pricing