Pro-Ject turntables: High-value turntables starting at under $300. The new 5.1SE is a superb value at under $1000 with carbon fiber arm & $300 Blue Point cartridge. The top of the line RM-10.1 received a killer review in Stereophile. It is the $3500 table to beat. Other models available are:

  • Essential - New entry table with nice tone arm, MDF platter and Ortofon OM3E cartridge - $299
  • Debut Carbon, turntable with carbon fiber arm, MDF base and metal platter w/2M Red Ortofon cartridge. Available in black, red, green, blue, yellow, silver or white - $399
  • Expression III - good table, carbon fiber arm, acrylic platter, Sumiko Oyster cartridge and dust cover - $699
  • Expression Classic Hi value table with Sumiko Pearl cartridge in 3 colors. $799
  • Xperience Basic - Superb value table with Project 9CC carbon fiber tonearm & $300 Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge. 5 Star review in What Hifi magazine. Great cosmetics and sonics at only $899
  • Xperience Classic - superb cosmetics and sonics, Carbon fiber arm, $300 Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge -$1499.00 Sale $1,299
  • Perspex, Turntable w/ clear acrylic plinth, sub-chassis system made of Corian® suspended by three height adjustable opposing magnet fields. Also a bonded MDF platter with vinyl mat, a threaded record clamp, adjustable cone feet. A new 9" tonearm, the 9cc Evolution, incorporates a conical carbon fiber arm - $1,799/ $1999 with $500 Blue Point Special EVO III cartridge & $99 Connect-iT tonearm cable
Xtension 10 in Rosewood lacquer 
  • XTension 10 Evolution- (Above) New affordable super table with superb $1300 Project 10cc Evolution 10" carbon fiber arm,  12 pound platter, mass loaded floating sub chassis, balanced sandwich platter and electronic speed control. $2999/ $3699 with $1100 Sumiko Blackbird cartridge. Available in piano black, mahogany or olive.
  • Xtension 12- Superb table with $1300.00 12" Project 12cc carbon fiber tonearm. Larger version of the above Xtension 10 $3999/ $4999 with $2500 Sumiko Celebration II cartridge
  • RM-1.3 Exceptional hi-value table with Sumiko Pearl cartridge - $499 Opt Dust Cover $99
  • RM-5.1SE - superb value table with $300 Blue Point #2 cartridge - $999
  • RM-9.2 - reference table with conical carbon fiber arm - $1,999/ $2299 with $500 Sumiko Blue Point EVO III & Connect-iT tonearm cable , Optional dust cover $129
  • RM-10.1 - flagship table with Ground-It bass, 10" carbon-fiber tone arm, superb - $2,999/$3599 with $1100 Sumiko Blackbird and Connect-It tonearm cable
  • Tube Box DS - Tube phono stage for MM and MC (60dB) cartridges $699
  • Tube Box S, tube MC/MM phono stage with excellent sonics - $449
  • Phono Box SE -Solid State phono stage for most MM and MC (55dB) cartridges $299
  • Phono Box RS-Exceptional phono stage with front panel controls. Pro-Ject's best $999