Peachtree Audio

Peachtree Audio is a young company founded by Signal Path, the ex US importer of Musical Fidelity. The founders have over 150 years of combined industry experience. Peachtree is dedicated to offering hi-value/hi-performance audio products at prices that are more far affordable than their hi-end competition. Hi-end performance at mainstream prices. All their products have received excellent reviews. The Nova was Stereophile Budget Component of the Year and the iDAC was Stereophile Class A rated in the Oct 2011 issue. The iNova got a Blue Moon Award on 6moons. Peachtree is a leader in computer audio and already on their 4th generation of products while other companies are just starting to learn what it takes to make computers sound great for hi-end audio. The new Decco 65 and Nova 125 are class leaders and offer unsurpassed value.

Nova 220SE


The nova220SE is a 220 watt integrated amplifier, DAC, and headphone amp all rolled into one. Its combination of high output power, transparent sound, and digital and analog connectivity makes it simple to enjoy all of your music with uncompromising quality.
With five inputs, including 24/192 Asynchronous USB, you can enjoy computer and streaming audio with incredible high fidelity sound.

The high gloss black cabinet is hand-sanded and made from wood sourced from sustainable resources. The front panel is crafted from thick six-millimeter brushed aluminum with engraved logos and input labels so they’ll never wear off. A glass window gives a view of the triode tube, which is illuminated by a blue LED when engaged. The large metal volume knob uses a clutch for a perfectly balanced and controlled feel. These are some of the simple touches that provide pride of ownership in an age of disposable hardware.


The nova220SE has a built-in 24-bit/192kHz upsampling DAC. Using ESS Technology’s patented Hyperstream Modulator, the DAC in the nova220SE is capable of 100% jitter rejection for maximum fidelity. Any digital source, from an old CD player to a computer to a streamer such as Sonos or AppleTV, can be instantly upgraded. Even compressed audio files sound shockingly good when run through the Peachtree’s DAC, so you can maximize the fun of streaming music from Pandora or concerts on YouTube! Lossless “studio master” 24-bit files can be played back with sound quality above and beyond old-school CD's.

The Preamp

The nova220SE's discrete Class A preamp reproduces clearer micro-detail, decay and texture, which makes listening to your favorite music even more immersive. Because every signal is routed through the preamp it is a critical part of the signal path. The nova220SE benefits from trickle down technology by using the discrete Class A preamp stage found in Peachtree’s top-of-the-line Grand Series. The preamp delivers a balanced signal to the internal amplifier for the highest quality possible.

The Tube Buffer

The nova220SE includes Peachtree’s signature triode tube buffer to soften bright recordings and create a more natural sound. The tube buffer can be engaged or bypassed on the fly with a simple button press on the included remote control, allowing you to listen in either pure solid state or tube mode. A Russian 6N1P military tube (6922 variant) specifically chosen for its consistent reliability is installed and will provide years (average 10,000 hours) of enjoyment. The tube is user replaceable and replacements are readily available. Experience the joy of tubes without the hassles.

The Headphone Amp

More than just a headphone jack, the nova220SE includes a dedicated headphone amp to deliver ten times more power than what you get out of your smartphone or computer. Delivering over 1,000mW of power, ultra low distortion and low output impedance - your headphones will sound better than ever. It’s a truly awesome experience on your head.

  • Powerful Amplification
    220 watts per channel 8 Ω
    350 watts per channel 4Ω
  • High Resolution
    24-bit/192kHz DAC with upsampling and reclocking to minimize jitter
  • 24/192 Asynchronous USB input for high performance computer audio
  • Optical and coax digital inputs to upgrade digital music streamers like Sonos and Apple TV
  • Pure analog input for your turntable/phono preamp, tuner, SACD player
  • Audiophile-quality headphone amplifier for high-performance headphones
  • Selectable triode tube buffer for more natural sound

GRAND Integrated X1

The Grand Integrated X1 ($4,495) (On sale for $3499.00) is Peachtree’s first no-holds-barred 400wpc integrated amp. The reviews have all been exceptional. It houses four custom matched components in one box, saving you space without compromise. In this one chassis you’ll find a high-resolution DAC with 24/192 asynchronous USB input, the $3300 Grand Pre hybrid tube preamplifier, a 400wpc high efficiency amplifier (650 watts into 4 ohms) and a state of the art headphone amp. It’s so simple to use, anyone can enjoy great sound at the push of a button and the turn of a knob. The reasons it sounds so good? Preamp and amp synergy was the goal from the start. The 400wpc new Class D X-series ICEpower amplifier was voiced to work in perfect harmony and highlight the sonic signature of the Grand Pre. The X-Series amplifiers are the newest B&O modules and their best sonically. In combinations with the Grand Preamp they create a sound that is nothing short of awesome. The added ability to drive the most demanding speakers makes the Grand Integrated an easy choice for the discerning music lover who demands the dynamic range and SPL that only big power can deliver.

  • AC power cord attachment & fuse: detachable.
  • standby switch: turns mains on and off.
  • 12V trigger: Turns on other 2-12V connected devices.
  • Digital filter slope: user selectable DAC filter slopes. Sharp measures better but slow is generally preferred sonically.
  • BNC digital input: Professional 75ohm digital connection. 
  • Coaxial digital input 1 & 2: Common on CD players, Sonos players, Slim Devices Squeezebox and a host of other digital audio sources.
  • Optical digital inputs 1 & 2: Common on CD players, cable boxes, Apple products and other digital audio sources.
  • Home theater bypass switch: HT bypass mode allows the user to integrate the Grand Integrated into a Home Theater setup by making Aux 1 a throughput for the surround processor.
  • Aux/HT input & Aux 2 analog input: Line-level input suitable for tuners, phono stages, tape decks,etc.
  • Voltage switching: For international use.
  • USB digital input: Takes digital audio content off your computer and sends it to the Sabre DAC via I2S configuration.
  • Line out: Fixed output to use the Grand Integrated as remote switching DAC into another preamp.
  • High-pass pre out: Operates full frequency when the high pass switch isn’t activated. When the switch is activated, it outputs at 80Hz and above with a 12dB/octave slope.
  • Pre-out: Allow you to use an external amp with the Grand Integrated and also provide connections for a subwoofer.
  • Speaker binding posts: Left and right speaker terminals. 
  • 400 watts per channel 8 ohms 20Hz-20kHz
  • 650 watts per channel 4 ohms 20Hz-20kHz
  • Fixed line-level RCA stereo output: 2V rms, 448 ohms
  • Variable RCA stereo output: 8V rms /11.2V peak, 448 ohms
  • S/N at the variable analog output 104dB
  • Jitter measured at the master clock < 3.0ps 
  • Power supply: 69,000uf of filtering for the preamplifier stage
  • CH/CH tracking: 0.025dB
  • Stereo separation: 96dB
  • Defeatable 80Hz high-pass output
  • Selectable Home Theater Bypass input
  • Independent discrete outputs 
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 17.5 x 16.5 (inches) Including feet, knob, and connectors 
  • Weight: 28 lbs 
  • Warranty: 3 years parts and labor 6 mo. tubes 
  • Design and final assembly in U.S.A.


Now only $299.00 with free freight in the lower 48 states

The Peachtree Audio DACiTx [$499] is an inexpensive very high quality D/A converter designed to bring your audio system into the new millennium using the computer you already own. While optimized for computer and streaming audio music devices, the DACiT features the three most important digital inputs, 24.192K Asynchronous USB for your computer, optical and coaxial for any other type of streamer or CD/DVD player. All three inputs take advantage of the high-resolution ESS Sabre 9023 DAC chip and Peachtree exclusive hot-rodded analog output section. This eliminates the need for expensive sound cards and effectively replaces the weak analog output section built in to streaming devices. For a little added convenience, a remote control with discreet input selection is included with the DACiT. Unlike CD transports, computers and streaming devices tend to present a rather harsh musical environment with a unique set of challenges. The Peachtree DACit is specifically designed for this environment and is optimized to handle these challenges.
  • The Asynchronous 24.192k USB DAC is galvanically isolated, which is necessary when dealing with electrical noise generated by a computer's USB output. Elimination of this noise via USB is among the most important reasons that the USB section performs so well. 
  • Reclocks any digital signal to less than 3 picoseconds of jitter (digital timing errors). This is super low jitter and can be 1000 times lower than a typical computer and 100 times less than many CD players. 
  • The DACiT's USB input accepts data up to 24/96 to handle high-resolution audio downloads. 
  • Streaming devices can be attached to the DACiT via optical or coax which is also transformer coupled to prevent superfluous noise from entering the signal path. The DACiT thinks they are all high-end CD players. So if you have an Apple TV, Sonos or other streamer that you want to hook up to your existing system, the DACiT is your ticket to performance. 

  • Inputs: 1 x 24.192k Asynchronous USB, 1 x coax, 1 x optical
  • Outputs: 1 x L&R RCA
  • DAC: ESS Sabre 9023
  • Output: 2v
  • Output impedance: 200 ohms
  • S/N:120dB
  • Ground isolation: Transformer coupled inputs
  • USB isolation: Galvanic
  • Power supply: External 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 9V-1A
  • Jitter at master clock: < 3pocoseconds
  • Power consumption: 1w
  • Chassis and housing: All metal
  • Remote control: Included
  • Dimensions HWD: 2 ½” x 6 ½” x 6 ½"

Nova 65SE


Nova 65SE ($999.00 in black/ $1099.00 in cherry or Rosewood) is a superb value. It is a good looking integrated amp with high quality 24 bit/192k asynchronous USB DAC coupled to a switchable tube/solid state preamp and hi-current 65wpc power amplifier. Stereophile (March 2013 review) measured the discontinued Decco65 with the same amp at 90 watts into 8 ohms and 120 into 4 ohms. The DAC also supports both coaxial and 2 optical digital inputs as well as an analog input. There is a preout to support a subwoofer, very good headphone amp and a removable power cord. Peachtree's great-looking retro cosmetics round this amp off with black lacquer, rosewood or cherry cabinets. A 2- year warranty is included.. At $999 the Decco2 is a great value and our favorite under $1000 integrated amp.

Nova 125SE

From only $1499.00 delivered

Nova 125SE (From $1499.00) is the best bang-for-the-buck model in the new 2014 line. The Nova 125SE replaces the Nova 125 and Nova that was the Stereophile Budget Component of the Year. This new Nova has a better preamp that is much of the Grand Pre preamp, improved DAC, with 4 digital ins, and the same high quality 125 watts into 8 ohms & 200 watts into 4 ohms ICE based amplifier. It is almost 3 times the power of the original Nova into 4 ohms. The USB input is a 24/192 asynchronous type with a input receiver that sounds great. There is also an analog input for a phono preamp or other analog source like a TV output or tape deck. The headphone amp is very good and there is a preout to run a powered subwoofer. Peachtree's great-looking retro cosmetics round this amp off with black lacquer, rosewood or cherry cabinets. A 2-year warranty is included. $1599 in cherry or Rosewood. Available Now

Our modified version takes the Nova 125SE to the next level & competes with products at up to $3,000.00


Deepblue is no longer available. Deepblue Two is coming late in 2014.
It will blow you away at only $499.00 with 440 watts, better drivers and upgraded inputs

Computer Audiophile summed up their Deepblue  review with:
"Peachtree Audio's deepblue music system will impress all but the most jaded audiophiles. deepblue may not be for everyone, just 99.9% of us who enjoy music that sounds good for a good price. Peachtree's use of DSP to compliment it's amplifier and driver design has elevated deepblue beyond the competition in this crowded market. It's the best small table top type of audio device I've heard to date. deepblue also reminds me of the popular water cooler question, "what stereo should I buy?" The answer to this question is the best stereo one can buy is the stereo he listens to most. deepblue won't force people to listen to more music but at least it sets people up for success if listening to more music is their goal. When the ambassador speaks everyone listens, or can't stop listening. deepblue = CASH List = No Brainer."

Read the entire review at:

Deepblue is a ground-up design. The somewhat visible elements, behind the speaker grill, are what most people will immediately see. Deepblue's 6.5" long excursion bass driver is complemented by two 3" inverted aluminum cone mid-range drivers and two 1" soft dome tweeters with ¾” voice coils. Deepblue supplies 240 watts of power to the drivers in this active design with the help of a very substantial power supply.

The element of deepblue that people don't see, even though it can make or break a component's sound quality, is the Digital Signal Processor (DSP). Peachtree's DSP engineers worked their magic on deepblue and it really shows (sounds). Deepblue features Proprietary Volume Equalization that adjusts the frequency response automatically to provide the best sound quality when listening at low levels. On the opposite end deepblue employs digital compressors to prevent the amplifiers from clipping and producing audible distortion through the speakers at high volume. Peachtree took the Apple approach by making a few decisions for the end users and preventing them from having a less than desirable experience with the product.

Great for the bedroom and amazing as a simple single box audio system for your large TV