Mordaunt Short

Mordaunt Short Closeout pricing. We are dropping Mordaunt Short as our new Internet Direct deal with LSA is just too good. Mordaunt Short is a 45-year old English company. All products are designed in England then crafted in their Asian production facility which allows them to produce high-quality speakers for excellent value. The Mezzo series uses their the patented ATT tweeter with very good crossovers and real wood cabinets. The $1600.00 Mezzo 1 with the 175-watt Aviano 7 10” sub is a killer satellite/sub package at only $748.00 that images exceptionally well and offers real full-range performance. See below to see our great clearance pricing on all Mordaunt Short speakers left in stock. Quantity limited to stock on hand

All in stock models are on sale as listed below
  • Carnival 7 - Small subwoofer with 8” woofer & 65-watt amplifier $449 Sale $149
  • Carnival 9 - 100-watt subwoofer with 10” woofer 25Hz response $549 Sale $249
  • Aviano 1 - Monitor loudspeaker w/5.25” CPC woofer & aluminum dome tweeter $595 Sale $249/pr
  • Aviano 2 - Large monitor w/6.5” CPC metal woofer & aluminum dome tweeter $695 Sale, one pair demos as new $269/pr
  • Aviano 6 - 2.5-way 3-driver column speaker w/excellent reviews. $1195 sale Demo Sale $495/pr
  • Aviano 7 - 175-watt powered subwoofer w/10” metal CPC woofer & bass EQ $795 Sale $399

For more information, visit the manufacturer's site.