Marantz Reference is a superb line of components that offer stellar sonics. They all come with a 5-year factory warranty.

Reference line CD players featured:
  • SA-11S3 Reference CD/SACD player $3999  
  • SA-14 S1 Limited edition CD/SACD player - $2499 
  • NA-11S1 USB DAC with DSD, networking & Air Play $3499
          PM-11S3 Reference 100wpc integrated amplifier  $4999
          PM-14S1 Limited Edition 90wpc integrated amplifier $2499

          TT-15S1 Precision turntable with $800.00 Clearaudio cartridge  $1499

High-quality components from the standard line:

HD-DAC1 headphone amp with DSD DAC


This ultra-high quality dedicated Headphone Amplifier with a DSD DAC is also a preamp with analog input. It sounds great by using Current Feedback amplification technologies from Marantz’s high-end Premium 11 Series. Headphones have always added extra intensity to music, now with the Marantz HD-DAC1 that intensity reaches new heights. 

The powerful HD-DAC1 can drive audiophile high-impedance headphones up to 600 ohm - with complete MODE ease. All thanks to its three-level gain control, Marantz HDAM-SA2 modules, a high current audiophile DAC (CS4398), and its Premium Quality fixed and variable RCA outputs. It is so powerful it not only drives headphones, you can also directly connect it to your Hi-Fi integrated amplifier or to a pair of active speakers or power amps. It’s also highly connectable.

Optical and coaxial digital inputs as well as a USB-B port enable you to stream music directly from your PC or MAC; iDevices can also be connected via the USB port on the front. For even more connectivity we have also included an analog input. The USB-B works in asynchronous mode to support not only 192 kHz / 24bits high-resolution audio but also the DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz for maximum performance. To safeguard quality when connected to a computer, it has extended isolation around the USB-B input to eliminate the chance of a high frequency noise being generated by the computer when entering the HD-DAC1. It even has a jitter remover and Dual Clock for extreme accuracy. Info on volume, input, resolution, etc. is shown on the familiar Marantz Porthole Display. The solid aluminum front is supported by a double layer bottom plate and retro-style side panels. Pure craftsmanship. 
  • CD-5004 Class C in Stereophile. The best inexpensive CD player we sell - $349
  • CD-6004
  • CD-6005 CD player w/discrete circuitry design - $499.
  • AV8801 State of the art home heater preamp processor w/Dolby Atmos & Audyssey XT32 $2999.
  • AV-7702 The hi value sonic leader in a preamp/AV Processor $1999.
  • SR-7009 Exceptional A/V receiver with Dolby Atmos and 9 x 125 watts $1999.
  • SA-8005 high-value CD/SACD player with USB input for computer audio - $999
  • PM-7005 New hi value great sounding integrated amp with DSD DAC $999.00
  • UD-5007 Universal Blu-Ray/SACD/CD/DVD/DVD-A player with Internet access -$599
  • UD-7007 Universal Blu-Ray/SACD/CD/DVD/DVD-A player with Internet access - $1199
All models available - call to discuss current pricing