With final assembly performed in the US and critical parts like transformers sourced from Germany, tube manufacturer Jolida has garnered an enviable reputation for high-performance products at real-world prices. We sell both stock and modified units.

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The new Jolida Fusion DAC/Transport is a dual mono 6 tube remote controlled CD player and DAC in one very nice new aluminum package. It nis our current favorite play in this price range and a very good value at its $2300.00 retail.  Call us to discuss it and our current pricing on all Jolida products.

We sell all amplifiers, DAC's preamps and CD players at prices too low to publish.


The Fusion Preamp/DAC is a tubed remote controlled preamp with 4 input DAC including
BlueTooth, coax, optical and USB. It also has 4 analog inputs with 3 RCA and
one XLR. There are one set of RCA and one set of XLR outputs.  BlueTooth
connectivity means easy listening from your iPhone or other portable devices. The Galvanically isolated Burr brown 1798 DAC directly sends the signals to the tubes.

Sonics are tube smooth with good detail and very good in this price range. Just add an amp like the Jolida JD-1501P at ($1590.00 for the package) or an Emerald Physics EP100.2 for a killer package at only $1650.00. 
This new DAC-Preamp offers excellent value at only $949.00. Call to discuss this and all other Jolida as well as our low pricing.


-FX Tube DAC MK3 Tube DAC w/h headphone amp & volume control to be used as a preamp $499

-JD-5T Remote controlled slimline 4 input preamplifier $549
-Fusion preamplifier Excellent full function remote controlled full tube preamplifier $1349
-Luxor Preamplifier State of the art fully balanced vacuum tube preamplifier $6500

Power amplifiers
-Luxor Mono Block 100 watt state of the art 2 pc mono amp $7000/ea
-JD-1501P 100wpc hybrid power amplifier $899
-JD-502P 60wpc full tube 6550 based power amplifier $1399
-JD-1000P 100wpc 8 tube power amplifier $2249  with 6550 tubes at 120wpc $2449

Headphone amps
-FX Headphone amp with 12AX7's. Bass & loudness boost/ RCA & mini jack inputs  $499

Integrated full tube amplifiers
-FX-10 12wpc remote controlled integrated amp with excellent Absolute Sound review $649
-JD-102CRC 25wpc remote controlled EL-84 tube based integrated amplifier $925
-JD-202BRC 40wpc remote controlled EL-34 tube based integrated amplifier $1199
-JD-502CRC 60wpc remote controlled tube integrated amplifier w/upgraded transformers, HT bypass. LED simple bias and improved feature set. $1675
-JD-801BRC 70wpc remote controlled tube integrated amplifier w/upgraded transformers, HT bypass. LED simple bias and improved feature set. $1995
-Fusion 3502S New 50 watts (EL34) or 60 watts (6550) integrated amp with remote
$1675.00 with EL34 tubes  $1749.00 with 6550 tubes
-Fusion 3502 New series aluminum 60wpc integrated amp that also runs EL-34's $2299
-JD-1000CRC 100wpc remote controlled 8 tube based EL-34integrated amplifier w/upgraded transformers, HT bypass. LED simple bias & improved feature set. $2699
Available w/6550 tubes at 120wpc $2899

Tube DAC's
-FX Tube DAC MK3 Full tube DAC with coax, optical and USB inputs $525.00
-FX Tube DAC MK3W As above with addition of Bluetooth APT X  $595.00

Hybrid Tube amplifiers
-JD-301RC Mini 30wpc remote controlled hybrid integrated amplifier $499
-JD-1501BRC 100wpc remote controlled hybrid tube /solid state integrated amplifier $1099

Phono stage
-JD-9 MKII Phono stage with 3 gain stages and excellent sonics $699

CD Players
-Fusion DAC/Transport Excellent new 6 tube design CD player with DAC $2299

The JD-100A is discontinued and no longer available.