Gallo Acoustics

Gallo Acoustics is the famous manufacturer of the tiny spheres and the much accoladed Reference 3 , 3.1 and the 3.5 version which have probably won more awards from more different publications than any other affordable speaker in memory. The Reference 3.5 is now discontinued. However, the new Strada II system with stands and TR-3 powered subwoofer offers even better performance for only $2990.00. We carry the whole Gallo lineup. The new 5-model Classico box speaker line has received superb reviews at the last few shows and is now out and on SALE. See the prices below. The Model 1 bookshelf is on sale for only $495 for the pair and the top of the line Model 4 floorstander tops out at about $3,495 retail and is on sale for only $2495.00 a pair. The big seller is the Model 3 column. This $2,395 a pair set is now only $1595.00 for the pair. The first review on the Classico 3 was in It discusses the entire line. The review was superb and they gave the Classic 3 a Blue Moon award for great sonics for the price. It can be read here.

  • Classico 1 monitor speaker with Gallo sonics $795.00/pr Sale $495.00/pr
  • Classico 2 deluxe monitor speaker w/Gallos CDT thin film tweeter $1,295/pr Sale $795.00/pr
  • Classico 3 small column with big speaker sound in black finish $2,395.00/pr Sale $1595.00/pr
  • Classico 4 large column with big bass and electrostatic-like detail $3,495/pr Sale $2495.00/pr
  • Classico center matching center channel for home theater application $995/ea Sale $599.00
  • Classico CLS 10 ten-inch 600-watt subwoofer, bass to 19Hz $1,195 Sale $695.00
  • Classico CLS 12 twelve-inch 1000-watt subwoofer, bass to 16Hz $1,695 Sale $995.00
  • Reference SA 240-watt amp with crossover to biamp the 3.1 speakers $990/ea.
  • Reference A/V Center, perfect center channel for the Reference 3.1 $1,320/ea
  • Reference A/V sides, matching side speakers for the reference 3.1 $1,320/ea
  • Strada II, the new affordable reference spker - use in stereo or multi-channel systems - $999/ea. 
  • TR-3D subwoofer, 250 watts, 10" subwoofer, 22Hz-180Hz, $984/ea. in black or platinum 
  • TR-1D subwoofer, 100 watt, 10" subwoofer 26Hz-180Hz, $476.50/ea
  • A'diva Ti, ball speakers with Titanium driver, $302.50/ea.
  • A'diva, ball speaker with 3" driver $264/ea.
  • Micro, full range ball speakers from $181.50/ea. depending on color

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